Enclosure Rescreening

Pool enclosure rescreening is the replacement of all screen and spline and replacing with new materials.  As we all know, there are times when the Florida weather will have high winds and even sometimes hail.  Most times you are able to replace just the damaged screen panels.  Other times the damage may have affected too many of the panels.  A full enclosure rescreening may be the best and most cost-efficient solution. 

In addition to high winds and hail, normal sun and heat will eventually break down the screen.  This is when the screen becomes brittle and you will notice tears or screen pulling away from the cage.  Re-screening your enclosure, whether it be a pool enclosure, patio or lanai will typically take 1 – 2 days, depending on the size.

Enclosure Rescreening Apopka

Enclosure Rescreening Apopka

All of our rescreening includes:

  • Removal and proper disposal of all old screen and spline
  • Replace with new Phifer standard mesh Insect Screen and new spline
  • Screen all panels separately, no sheet rolling of screen
  • Install new door kits and bug sweeps
  • Adjust doors if necessary
  • Check all safety cables and tighten if necessary

We will provide a written estimate of the cost of your enclosure rescreening.  This will be your cost when the job is complete.  We do not believe in hidden costs and will never hit you with any once the job is done.  We do not ask for deposits.  Here at Apopka Pool Screen Repair, we do not expect you to pay for your re-screening until the job is complete and you are 100% satisfied.  Customer satisfaction is how we have built our reputation and we want every customer happy.

If you are ready to have your enclosure rescreened or maybe have just a few screen repairs to be done, give us a call today at 407-258-2215.